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Service Benefits



Benefits to Employers 

Our services can save employers time and money by conducting on-site drug and alcohol testing. These services are essential in operating a safe and effective work place. We can conduct drug testing for reasons such as post injury, random, job applicant, etc. Staff Labs, LLC is able to work at nearly any location: from office break rooms to warehouses. Results can be provided on-site as well in as little time as 5 minutes. The goal of Staff Labs, LLC is to provide stellar, reliable testing solutions, whenever the time or wherever the location.

Benefits to Individuals

Whether you're looking to obtain employment, needing your blood drawn for routine lab or need DNA testing we are here to serve you wherever you are. You will avoid long wait times at other laboratories because we come to you if necessary! 

Benefits to Healthcare Clinicians

Many of your patients may require lab work on a regular or non regular basis. We can assist you by providing our specimen collection service to your patients. Our services are extremely convenient for elderly, disabled, and individuals with no access to transportation. Some clinicians may prefer that we provide services at  their healthcare facility or clinic for added convenience for patients. That is a service we are happy to accommodate.

Benefits for Insurance Companies 

As soon as an agent requests a paramedical exam from Staff Labs LLC, our application specialists immediately begin the process required to schedule the exam. Our specialists are also trained to answer questions such as, “What is a paramedical exam?” and to provide additional information and guidance related to the process. Staff Labs, LLC offers applicants the choice of having their paramedical examinations performed in the comfort and convenience of their own home or workplace, or at our walk in location. A paramedical examiner will conduct the exam, which may include, blood draw, urine specimen, blood pressure,  health history, height and weight, chest and waist measurements, and pulse